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BBBEE status and empowered ownership
BBBEE status

PPC is currently a BBBEE level 3 contributor under the codes of good practice (2007 codes revised December 2016). This was an improvement of one level from the prior verification result.

Empowered ownership

PPC's BBBEE ownership, after prior transactions, is currently low due to dilution from the 2016 rights issue and unwinding of the 2008 BEE transaction in December 2016, as noted in the 2017 report.

This is being addressed via a new BEE transaction. The terms of this transaction were announced in March 2018 and we are currently implementing it.

For verification purposes, PPC has included empowered ownership held via mandated investments(1). When this form of ownership is included, together with shares held via BEE transactions, PPC Limited has BBBEE voting rights of 25,62% and economic rights of 17,27%.

Other BEE scorecard elements

For further information on other scorecard elements, and PPC's programmes and progress to transform in these areas, please refer to sections in the supplementary information on our website as indicated below:

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  Preferential procurement   Procurement on page 84  
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(1) Mandated investments, in terms of the codes of good practice, include any investments made by or through any third party regulated by South African legislation on behalf of the owner of the funds, under a formal mandate.